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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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there are some photos in there where it looks like the DVD version is better than the Blu-Ray version, such as the first two sets of photos.
C'mon now, you have to be kidding. In what way is that blurry, pixelated shot of the Enterprise better than the new version? And what's wrong with the Dauphin shot?
Both of them had more color, especially the one with the Dauphin shot. It was almost like on the blu-rays they cleared it up, but made it look a little more bland, with barely any color. Of course this might be different actually watching the sets (And maybe trekcore got them reversed) but under the DVD column, it looks like that has been made up while the one on the right looks blurry.

It's the first two sets of pictures I wonder if they reversed it by mistake. That would make some sense too, especially since the bottom pictures the blu-ray enhancements do look pretty good.
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