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Re: Rank the Bond actors

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If we're talking about them as actors then Connery would have to be pretty low on my list as he's capable of playing only one character.
And Connery is the only one of the bunch who has an Oscar -- and not from playing Bond.
Much as I love Connery, I think he ought not to have won the Oscar for the Untouchables as a result of his awful 'Oirish' accent in it.
Accent or no accent, I thought Connery was superb as "Jimmy Malone" and richly deserved the Oscar.

Agree 100% with the following, particularly in the case of "Last Crusade" and "King".
Having said that, I don't agree that he can only play one character. Yes, there's his Bond/John Mason (from The Rock) tough guy template, but there's Brother William from The Name of the Rose, the sadistic guard from The Hill, the devious ex-con from The Anderson Tapes, the bookish Henry Jones from The Last Crusade and his wonderful performance in The Man Who Would Be King.
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