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Re: Rank the Bond actors

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3. Brosnan In many ways the best Bond, because he manages to straddle all the other iterations (certainly before him) he can be funny and ruthless, cold blooded and vulnerable. Of course this is also his curse, he represents all Bonds, but the downside is there isn’t anything new or unique he particularly brings to the table which every other Bond has. That said there is a certain boyish glee he has, which I think comes from Brosnan himself. Unlike DC he did at least seem like he loved being Bond. Watch the scene with him in the back of the BMW in TND. You can almost hear Brosnan’s inner voice “I’m James Bond, I’m bloody James Bond!
Ha ha, so true.

I used to really love Brosnan's Bond, but watching Goldeneye for the first time in a long while, all I could notice was just how lightweight and paper-thin his Bond was.

Pretty much everything out of his mouth was either a quip or a double entendre, which got tiresome really quick. I know Moore was kind of the same way, but he had least had some real screen presence to back it up. Brosnan I'm afraid comes across even MORE like a TV actor now-- especially compared to Craig's Bond.
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