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Not sure if it's been said, but the Trek lore has suggested Q, to have visited earth in the past. He was known as Loki in Norse mythology and as the "Father of Lies" to others. I would imagine that would make him less than a Jesus figure.
The truth can be twisted in 2000 years.
You got that right.

T'Girl said:
I sometimes wonder about the extent of Q's powers, and their limits.

In 'Farpoint when Picard and company were placed on trial by Q, did he actually take them off the ship, or did it all happen in their minds? Put there by Q? When they "returned" to the battle bridge, O'Brien at the helm wasn't even aware that they had left the ship. So did they?
Exactly. So, did Q really take Picard to the real primordial ooze on prehistoric Earth? Memory Alpha specifically states it was Picard's "consciousness" and not his whole body that was transported. It also states Q and Quinn transported all of Voyager to the Big Bang.

Who knows?
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