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Re: Trailer coming December 14th!!

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^^My main interest in SW 7 (thru 9) would be to see if they can fix what they broke (although Revenge of the Sith wasn't awful).
Disney didn't break anything! Lucas is just going to be a rubber stamp, there's no way Disney paid him 4 billion dollars just to let him frak it all up again.

To Disney, Luke Skywalker = Snow White = cash cow to milk for all eternity. They made a Snow White movie in 1937, which didn't stop them from recasting the role 75 years later for a TV series. Luke and the gang are going to be like that. The role will be recast in the forseaable future and keep being recast when we're all dead & gone & people watch Star Wars on holodecks.

But Darth Vader is an even bigger brand name than Luke, so I have no doubt that a reboot of the prequel, which can hardly help but be an improvement, is an inevitability, since that's the simplest way to revive Darth's brand as an excuse to make more $$$ off the guy.
Lucas is working closely with Disney apparently, he is officially a "consultant" on the movie, however, he wrote or co-wrote a story and "has created a lot of characters"...enough to keep Star Wars going for some time to come, according to Lucas in a video interview.

As far as SW affecting ST? why is everyone asking that. SW movies were released in 1980 and 1983, ST movies in 1979 and 1984, they both did quite well. The prequels came out when ST was on a downward note, but insurrection in 1998 still did fairly well when PM was released the same year. The Episdoe 7 will come out a full year after ST:ID, so there will be no direct competition at all.

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