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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

I really loved this book (as I do all of Mack’s stuff). As a parent, I feel for Soong and believe in his actions; his efforts and sacrifice were very touching. If Mack doesn’t have children, I’m that much more surprised that he was able to capture the feelings of a parent so well and completely. I just hope fans aren’t complaining that Data should have been left dead and that this devalues his sacrifice in Nemesis.

The one thing I didn’t like about this book was Soong’s monologue was a bit long. Though I am glad Soong’s activities were well laid out in detail, I struggled reading through those several chapters. Was Soong telling that whole story to Worf and Geordi? If so, they must have been standing there for a long time.

Now it looks like this book will be part of another trilogy involving Immortal Coil and whatever future book has Data facing off with Flint. If so, I would look forward to it as I eagerly anticipate anything written by the maestro.

A few questions of mine to readers and David Mack:

I’m confused by Geordi’s love life; so he ISN’T with Brahms now!?!

I thought it was strange that Jasminder dies the same way Tasha died; Worf even mentioned this was the case. I’m curious to know why it was chosen to have her murdered rather than her to die fighting while the Breen attempted to capture her. I’m also thinking being in love with Worf is a death sentence.

Why did the Breen ships break off? Sure the factory was gone and there was nothing left to defend but wouldn’t they want to destroy the ship that destroyed their holdings, especially with 4 to 1 odds? They knew they were facing the Enterprise so I would think the Breen captains would like the bragging rights to say they destroyed the federation flagship. After the Enterprise committed espionage, killed Breen citizens, and destroyed a Breen facility, I’d say they wouldn’t have faced a legal back lash.
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