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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I can't imagine that there's not going to be a Merle/Daryl showdown at some point. I keep thinking that maybe that's where Carol will somehow play into it.
Unless Carol is the one to kill him. Maybe a vengeful Merle is close to killing Daryl (false sense of betrayal, etc.), so Carol--with her newfound sharpshooter skills--takes out Merle.

I can imagine Merle still thinking she is the Carol of old and openly mocks her, only to learn how wrong that thought was when the trigger is squeezed.
Frankly, I suspect Carol will be the wedge between Merle & Daryl. Carol is now someone Daryl is clearly emotionally invested in, & Merle is now someone Daryl is disconnected from, perhaps for the 1st time in his life. When they reunite I can't imagine Merle will be considerate of that, or any of the group for that matter, given how he's shown to be treating Glenn in the teasers, & most importantly, Daryl has found something with Carol & this group, something he never had with Merle... Honor

What gets me is that Merle is kind of stupid. Had he been smarter, he'd have just waited, Glenn would have told Daryl & Daryl would have showed up, & very likely convinced some of the group to move to Woodbury, for lack of any reason to suspect danger there. Rick's so desperate for safe haven right now, even he'd agree to move there

It's also likely that Daryl will find out about Merle from Michonne. She's going to be telling the story about Glenn & Maggie, & all about Woodbury & maybe even Andrea.

The clash is eminent, & looking grim

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It's not like there are a lot of options in this world.
There's always one option... being cautious. She's done nothing at all since being dragged to this place, except eat, drink, be merry & now screw. She's living in Lala Land & she's due for a rude awakening. My only wonder is whether she's so blinded right now that she'll betray or abandon the old group
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