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I'm back

I haven't posted for about three months because, back in August, for various reasons, I started to feel my life was worthless and that I wasn't contributing to society at all. I decided I needed to do something to rectify this and felt I was wasting too much time online.

I updated my resume and started to look for part-time work. I applied for several jobs but I was told that I had been out of the library industry for too long so I started to look at the possibility of going back to studying and upgrading my diploma to an advance diploma. I also made a few inquiries about doing some volunteer work.

I also decided that I needed to exercise more and as walking is good for arthritis I decided to try and walk at least 10 km a week.

About 6 weeks ago I started to feel more pain than usual in my left leg. I put it down to a flare up of my knee arthritis. Then I started to feel pain in right leg. I do have arthritis in my right knee but it is mild and doesn't really bother me much. About two weeks ago the pain became so severe that I couldn't sleep at night so I went to the doctor and he ordered a cat scan. Yesterday I learnt that the cat scan showed that I now have arthritis of the spine.

I am starting physiotherapy on Thursday and my doctor has referred me to the Orthopaedics Clinic. He has listed the appointment as being semi-urgent so I should have an appointment within 6 weeks. The doctor said I might need cortisone injections or maybe even spinal fusion. I cannot take NSAIDs because they have a serious effect on my asthma.

As a result of this I have put my job seeking on hold. Last night I made a list of what I have done with my life. Though I have only done paid work for about 8 years of my life I work out I have done about twice as much volunteer work. I have been on a disability pension for the last 6 years. If I count the volunteer work as being as worthy as paid work than maybe I did contribute more than I first thought.

Anyway I decided that spending time on the internet is probably good for my mental health (!!!) so I have come back to Trekbbs.

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