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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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The repack of the 2008 electronic Millennium Falcon in new Vintage Collection packaging costs $249.99 at Toys "R" Us (it's currently a store exclusive). I love the Falcon and Vintage packaging is a sheer work of art that makes me drool, but I'm not shelling out 250 bucks for it. The 2008 version in Legacy Collection packaging cost just $140, so essentially you're paying for the thing being a limited store exclusive and the classic-looking old school box.

No thank you. It's pretty gorgeous, though.

I've got one of those "D'oh!" stories regarding the Millennium Falcon.

Just before Hasbro unveiled the 2008 Falcon, my local Target still had the original (Kenner) version that I think was re-released in 2004 or so. To make room for the new ones, they slashed the 2004 Falcon down to just 20 bucks. I took a pass on it because I just didn't have any room left in my house for it.

As fate would have it, I moved into a bigger house less than a year later with plenty of storage space.

To this day, not getting that 2004 Falcon is high on my toy regret list...
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