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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

2x10-Bane: Giant mosquito/scorpion bugs have overrun the city(if not planet) that SG-1 lands. Teal'c gets stung and we discover that the venom is actually more of a reproduction method. Teal'c is having his DNA overwritten and will "birth" many more bugs. His Gou'ald is not protecting him. Average episode.

2x11-Tok'Ra pt.1:Had a feeling we'd be revisiting this rebellion group of Gou'ald(who don't like to be called Gou'ald by the way) sooner than later. Not sure this had to be a two parter

2x12-Tok'Ra pt.2: There is a traitor/spy in the midst and Sam's dad who we learned is dying of cancer agrees to be a host to one of the Tok'ra for at the least a chance to live but the duality is now there is US/Earthen representation among this rebel group with which we share a common foe. While good it was predictable and not perhaps needing of a two parter. Felt it dragged a bit.

2x13-Spirits: I just couldn't help but feel the overtones with Native American Indians as seen in TNG's Journey's End. Clearly the plot's differ but my mind went there instantly. Tonane, the Indian leader was an interesting character. This bottle show, felt like one, was decent. Bit of a comedy episode all things being equal.

2x14-Touchstone: Been wondering about the second Stargate. This episode had very little to do with the Touchstone(McGuffin) than it did to further flesh out how we have two factions with growing ideas that differ on how to be involved with a larger universe. Liked this episode, really curious about this growing faction where Colonel Mayborn(that guy we love to hate) plays a big role.
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