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Re: Season ONE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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How do I know, that I (will) have the "corrected" version without the initial audio issues?
The corrected version has a small starfleet emblem on the discs and I think on the outer spine of the case too.
I received my pack today.

So you mean, the small one just written above the "Disc One" on disc 1???

First impressions:
- Very small package, GOOD!
- What the hell, I can't read the menu it's too small on my 32" set??? Why did they do it that small while the whole frame is pratically empty. This is ridiculous (ly stupid)!!!
- This light is very critical (bad) on TNG, very bright on one half of the face and very dark on the other one. The blu-ray version seems to make this even worse. Is this only my TV or do others have the same impression.
- I was rather disappointed on the special features of disc 1.

So far I am not (positively) impressed, still having to (really) watch the episodes themselves.

Question: What episode is the visually most impressive?

What kind of tv set do you have? I've had no issues with text size, or the lighting issues you've mentioned. Perhaps your set isn't calibrated properly?
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