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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

88. Cop Out: D
89. Skyfall: A
90. Red Dawn (2012): B-
91. Dracula (1979): B
92. Dracula (2009): C+

Red Dawn: went to a sneak peek of this and I haven't seen the original since the early 90's on old VHS. It wasn't one of those sacred to me 80's movies so my recollection on it was vague with just the main beats I recalled. So I set out to gauge this film on it's own merit. Overall I found it enjoyable. There is the one selfish teen who it takes the entire movie to realize bigger things are at stake. I even managed to not dislike him so much by the end. However, it's the end of the film that makes place this as a B- instead of a B+/A- grade. Again, maybe the original ends similarly but I don't like the end. After the struggle and conflict I need more solid info than the point it ends that things are looking up. If one has become a fan of Chris Hemsworth since he became leading man material then I think you'll like this film for him if nothing else.

Dracula (1979): This version based on Bram Stokers book stars Frank Langella as Dracula and Donald Pleasance as Dr. Seward. I really liked this take and enjoy the work of both men. I found the f/x of the day to be adequate. The worst was when Dracula would become a bat and it was clearly "rubber bat on a wire" but it was one of the better attempts. I felt the story flowed well and ended on a good cliffhanger.

Dracula (2006): This is Masterpiece Theater's take on the novel and I found it a bit choppy. Probably due to screenplay but partly budget as well as the audience it was playing to(general) by airing on PBS. While adding the '79 version I saw this one and it said starring Sophia Myles(who I knew from Underworld) and decided to go with a double feature of the Count. Here Sophia plays Lucy and again due to being constrained some of the more iconic scenes were not only trimmed but cut out. The acting was good which only adds to the woe of the film's constraint. The actress playing Mina(Stephanie Leonidas) I thought brought a great dual sense of trepidation and strength to her role. The make up for Dracula was passable and may be my one complaint outside the budget/editing ones I listed already.

The style and method with which each version chose to emphasis, or not, made me aware that it's time I reread the book. The most iconic film version I've seen repeatedly is the '92 version with Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves so I'd compare both off of this film and what moments it emphasized. Time to pull this off the shelf at some point and give it a reread.
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