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Re: Question for authors: General 'rules' for tie-in media (any franch

What Greg said. I don't own Star Trek, so I have no business getting proprietary about the ideas I come up with. If someone came up with a different interpretation of Future Guy in a separate continuity from the main novelverse, that would be fine, and I'd be interested to see what alternative ideas they could offer. In fact, to be honest, if I had the chance to do it over again, I'd probably try to find a better way of explaining Future Guy and the Temporal Cold War than I did the first time. I think there are aspects of it that could use improvement.

I've been reading Star Trek novels since before Pocket even had the license, so my perception of Trek tie-ins has always been that they encompass a multitude of distinct interpretations of the universe rather than just one. There have been occasional continuities here and there among the tie-ins, but there's never, ever been a single overarching one, and I've never wanted or expected there to be. And having multiple contradictory portrayals of the same event or character has been a part of Trek tie-in lore going back decades. Perhaps the earliest instance would be the depictions of McCoy's daughter and his divorce backstory in the '70s; the Gold Key comics presented one version, while Joe Haldeman's novel Planet of Judgment offered a different one. (And then Enterprise: The First Adventure offered yet another one that later novels tended to conform with, even while disregarding other elements of that novel.) Then there's E:TFA and DC's first Trek annual telling different versions of Kirk's first mission as Enterprise captain within a year of each other in 1985-6 -- and then Pocket and DC telling different versions of the end of the 5-year mission later in the '80s. And that was even before the new shows came along and conflicted with what the novels had established about the Klingons, the Romulans, the Trek timeline, etc.
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