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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Your last sentance brings up a good question, where would you go that's safe? North, West, East South? West would take them into Alabama, but there isn't anything useful there. /shrug

I kinda like the idea of moving East, along the coast, or find a small secluded island somewhere


Expanding on that idea, I thought of where I'd probably go in the event of a zombie Apocalypse, I'd head toward coastal regions that are mainly cut off from the mainland. There are plenty along the east coast here as you move up. There are coastal regions that are only accessible for example by one road or bridge, so all you'd have to do is barricade that road on both ends, and you have yourself a community that is protected. Or, there are areas that are separated by ferry only, so get on one, head over to it, and you are surrounded by water on all sides, and can make a community. Areas like that would give good space, and protection, to build up a community.
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