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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

When a man enters a darkened room with a bound female, it's a given that there will be rape.

As we don't know Michionne's history, it's possible that she was familiar with the prison system. She or someone she knew might have been in prison, perhaps the West Georgia Correctional Facility, before the epidemic. What was she mouthing when she saw Merle confront Glenn and Maggie?

If I was the Governor, I would be concerned about Merle. He was demonstrating that he was placing his needs over those of the Governor. I get the feeling that the Governor could and had removed people from positions of power in the past.

I am frustrated by the pace of the revelation about the evilness of the Governor. So far, to me, he seemed as a man who assumed a leadership role early in the crisis, was able to build a community, and was able to keep himself on the thin line between sanity and insanity. So, what did he do in the comics that made him such an evil person?

I liked that Rick's group has accepted the two remaining prisoners, and had come to trust them. Axel was working on the generators, and Oscar was working with Darryl to clean the lower levels. I am liking Darryl's character more, and I am hoping that he won't be offed before the season ends next year.

I am not fazed by the phone calls. Rick was working through his emotions and his fears with the phone calls. I like that Herschel kept his doubts to himself, and gave Rick the space he needed.

Am I understanding geography? The prison was located in the Red Zone - a zone where a high concentration of walkers was located - and that this zone acted as a buffer between the prison and the town. How far out from the town was the Red Zone? And, how big was the Red Zone?

As the survivors are heading westward, away from Atlanta, will they ever head into another state, or will they stay in Georgia?
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