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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

It was a good movie, but I found it kind of weird. It almost felt like another reboot of the Bond franchise. The actor may have been the same, but this movie just felt so separated from the other two Daniel Craig films. "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace" felt, to me, as if they were setting up a trilogy. I was expecting Skyfall's story to be more related to the events of the first two films.

And while I thought what's-his-face did a great job playing Silva, I couldn't help thinking that I had no idea who this guy was. His "turn to the dark side" and his vendetta against M would have worked better if we had actually met the guy before.

When they finally got around to revealing him as the villain, I kept expecting to see a familiar face. Imagine if Silva was played by Sean Connery or Roger Moore (or hell, even Pierce Brosnan)! An old 007 turned bad! Now THAT would have been awesome.
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