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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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You can see the light trail, aka reflected photons, as it reaches you if you're not FTL. When you are FTL with only LS sensors you are running into the light trail without the ability to see forward due to your LS sensors.
But you CAN see forward at FTL, precisely because you are still stationary in your own reference frame. This isn't even a trekism or a theoretical prediction; in the real world WE are already moving at FTL velocity with respect to distant galaxies 47 billion LY away (and they, in turn, are moving away from us faster than light). Not only do we have no trouble at all seeing what's "ahead" of us, but we can see the heavily distorted/redshifted images of those galaxies near the edge of our visual horizon.
Those examples are still of objects moving Slower Than Light. An object ACTUALLY moving at Faster-Than-Light speed will outrun light. Faster-Than-Light .
Exactly what part of "Only in an outside observer's reference frame" are you not understanding?

It's got nothing to do with complicated. SR simply doesn't have equations for ACTUAL FTL situations.
The equations apply to FTL just fine. It's just that their larger real-world applications are difficult to parse, but this is equally true of very high sublight velocities anyway.

No, you have the misunderstanding. Where in relativity does it say an Object ACTUALLY traveling Faster Than Light will be slower than Light?
What does "actually" mean in relativity? There's no such thing as a universal reference frame, ergo the only way you could be moving at FTL velocity is with respect to an outside observer. In that observer's frame, you're moving FTL. In your OWN frame, you're stationary. What's more, in the frame of a third observer equidistant between you, both you and the second observer may be seen converging on his position and NEITHER of you are FTL.

It depends on the reference frame you're using. There's no "absolute" frame to determine who is really moving at what speed.

Special Relativity doesn't talk about Warp drive or Actual Faster-Than-Light travel.
Special relativity doesn't "talk" about any travel at all. It's a mathematical abstraction to explain why the speed of light is a constant in all inertial reference frames. The IMPLICATIONS of the theory is what is commonly discussed in thought experiments and paradox studies.

Significantly, plugging in a number greater than C in the bottom part of the equation would yield an imaginary number, and operating the equation with the imaginary number yields either near-infinite time-dilation (time stops) or inverse dilation (Delta-T is a negative value).

No. It can causality violations because an object or ship at FTL could observe an event with Object B outside of it's light cone and then potentially break causality by traveling to a point in Object B's past to change it causing a paradox.
Which is a consequence of the negative values you would get for Delta-T (e.g. time travel appears to be happening). The reason time travel appears to be happening is that relativity treats the speed of light as a constant and time as a variable: light always moves at C in all reference frames, but time may speed up or slow down (or in this case, reverse) to keep those frames consistent.

Velocity is a function of distance over time. If time is a negative value, what happens to velocity?

Slower Than Light, since no object can naturally travel FTL.
Half the universe is currently traveling FTL with respect to the other half. Warp drive simply makes it possible for this to happen over smaller (non-cosmic) scales.

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Now you fire your engines and accelerate forward at 3Gs for 30 seconds and then stop your engines. Still no other object in your reference frame and you are totally alone.
What is your velocity in this frame?
Still Slower Than Light.
The answer is ZERO.

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Then you go to warp 9. Still no other object in your reference frame and you are still totally alone.
What is your velocity in this frame?
I'm outrunning Light.
Wrong. The answer is still ZERO.

That's the fundamental thing you're not understanding about relativity: all velocities are RELATIVE.
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