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Re: Season ONE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Let's hope so, I thought it was when ordering.
How do I know, that I (will) have the "corrected" version without the initial audio issues?
The corrected version has a small starfleet emblem on the discs and I think on the outer spine of the case too.
I received my pack today.

So you mean, the small one just written above the "Disc One" on disc 1???

First impressions:
- Very small package, GOOD!
- What the hell, I can't read the menu it's too small on my 32" set??? Why did they do it that small while the whole frame is pratically empty. This is ridiculous (ly stupid)!!!
- This light is very critical (bad) on TNG, very bright on one half of the face and very dark on the other one. The blu-ray version seems to make this even worse. Is this only my TV or do others have the same impression.
- I was rather disappointed on the special features of disc 1.

So far I am not (positively) impressed, still having to (really) watch the episodes themselves.

Question: What episode is the visually most impressive?
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