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Re: Joss Whedon's cute sexy nerd girls

A toss up between Fred and Kaylee with a leaning towards Kaylee because of her cheerfulness that no power in the 'Verse can stop.

I really liked Fred and was happy as pudding when she finally got together with Wesley but Joss, that bastard, didn't waste any time at all and killed her off in the next episode.. kudos to Joss for really pulling out everything because her death and transformation to Illyria just broke my heart.. i really had to fight for my manliness at the end of the last episode with her when she is packing her stuff, saying good bye to her parents and setting off to LA (where we know she'll die a few years later)

Kaylee was fortunately saved by Firefly's premature cancellation but i have no doubt in my mind that if the show had a normal run it wouldn't have ended well between Simon and Kaylee once they got together.. it would either be Simon or Kaylee who would have died and given the universe they were in it would have been gruesome.
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