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Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now

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Snowed Under is amazing. You know, I've loved "Somewhere Only We Know" for a couple of years but I only started listening to more of their songs until earlier this year. I just started listening to Strangeland, listened to it a bit in May/June and really liked it, then looked back for their earlier work. Awesome stuff. I didn't know they stopped playing "She Has No Time"... That's one of my favourites, so that's really good that they're doing it again! I think Hopes And Fears is one of the best albums out there actually... Like I say, I must see them live! As soon as the next set of tour dates are out I might just start planning.
I really got into Keane when they released SOWK, back in 2004, and I've been following their career ever since. For example, Snowed Under featured prominently in the Strangers DVD, so that's why I started listening to their b-sides a lot. It's really great to see people gaining access to their music via Strangeland; I've met a number of teenagers who fell in love with Keane because of their new album. And like Tom said, when people fall in love with Keane, it usually lasts for life.

She Has No Time was one of the songs they played very often during their older days, but they stopped somewhere in 2005, I think. They've picked it up again for the Strangeland tour, and it works really well. I think that Tom had some trouble with the falsetto due to the drugs.

I had no idea about that either... wow. Good to know he's out of it now though.
Yeah, during the Under the Iron Sea tour, Tom lost control over his cocaine addiction. Things got so bad, he just left the others in Japan and flew back to England without telling anyone, and Tim and Richard thought he was dead or something. He then went into rehab and has been clean ever since. You can see how unhealthy he looked during that time.

This is why Hamburg Song and Broken Toy were written. They are basically Tim telling Tom how he felt about that catastrophe. Tom wrote Maybe I Can Change in response. They got over it, obviously, being best mates and all, but I guess it's not easy for Tom to keep reminding himself of how he nearly killed himself and nearly destroyed all meaningful relationships in his life.

It's why I love them so much, you see...their music is so heartfelt and honest.

Anyway, go see the boys if you can. It's worth it; even more so if you're a fan.
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