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Re: One Thing That Seperates Star Trek: Deep Space Nine From Other Tre

I don't like baseball nor cricket but Take Me Out To the Holosuite is a fantastic stress relief during the war.

DS9 beats the Holodeck episodes of TNG and V hands down.

Jadzia died. Bring in a new host. Show the consquences of death.

"Hoping something interesting would happen on DS9, is like staring out your window at a torrential downpour and hoping that it would rain."

You don't know what will come out of the rain. Gray areas. Not clear cut.

"DS9 didn't have balls, it had a multi-season long premenstrual cycle."

Wow, sexism.

I aslo liked the religion examination. We got to stay with one planet, people and culture. Yay! We got to spend more time on a space station/starbase. We got to spend more time with the Bajorans, Cardassians, Ferengi and Trill. Worf wasn't treated as "Piss off Worf". Runabouts. We got to have story arcs. We got to have more character arcs. We got better Star Fleet uniforms ( Officer Mark 1 and Mark 2 First Contact. Cadet Mark 1 Nog and Mark 2 Valiant). We finally got the Phase II series we always wanted.
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