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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Honestly, complaining a Bond movie is sexist is like complaining an airplane is flying or boat sailing. It's a fact of the franchise that has been an ongoing success for 50 years. Recent movies, particularly with Brosnan and especially since Craig took over have been less demeaning towards women and have given women characters substantial parts in the film at times helping Bond and being integral to victory. But in the end Bond is still meant to be the dude other guys dream of being and if that means swooping in and killing bad guys and then making out with women who were being held captive by the bad guys, then guess what, that's a formula that has worked for the past 50 years. If that bothers you, than Bond isn't your thing. Maybe that is sexist, but it's also not evil.

Still, in regards to comments made in that article:

-As mentioned above, Dench wanted this to be her last Bond movie, and there's nothing sexist just because her replacement happens to be a man. If they removed a woman from the role even though she wanted to continue and replaced her with a man, that might be sexist, but this? That's like saying Paramount is sexist just because the next Trek series after Voyager ended had a male captain. Or for that matter, they must be rascist because the next two Trek series after DS9 had white captains.

-Maybe I'm completely out to lunch here, but I was under the impression that Bond having sex with Severine was consensual. Yes, maybe he should have tried to take out Silva's goons before Silva shot her, but this is not the first time such a plot hole has ocurred, Bond movie or otherwise.

-Moneypenny has always been the "secretary," Skyfall just made her more badass and attempted to explain believably how a secretary could be badass. Besides, it seemed like she was gravitating more towards administrative work out of a preferance, not being forced into it. What exactly is the article trying to say, that women shouldn't do what they prefer to do, they should focus exclusively on a man's job? Isn't that equally offensive as blatant sexism?
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