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Re: I'm issuing new orders...

TO: Admiral William J. Ross, Starbase 375
FROM: Captain Christina Mallory, Commanding Officer U.S.S. Sensible
STARDATE: 63105.3
SUBJECT: Fitness for Duty, Erratic Behaviour of CMO, U.S.S. Sensible

I'm relieving my Chief Medical Officer of duty and ordering her transferred off the ship. She's lost a series of patients recently, and she's has taken it rather hard... Blaming her failures on modifications to the ship's computer necessary to maintain security.

In addition, she seems unable to recognize gender appropriately. Despite repeated reminders, she consistently refers to me in her logs as "he..." calling her fitness as a medical practitioner starkly into question.

I must also regretfully file posthumous reprimands in the files of Ensigns Joshua Darring and Derek Randy, who deliberately circumvented security protocols in order to lock others out of the holodeck while they used it to celebrate their honeymoon in a somewhat unconventional fashion.

I am, however, happy to report that this unauthorized modification to the ship's systems was readily detected thanks to the recent security upgrades I performed on the ship.

I am also pleased to report that since the new protocols were activated, we've captured two alien intruders, one Cardassian spy, and effected the rescue of a stranded away team despite shipwide powerloss.
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