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My dad (1930 - 2000): Journo, Marine, old-fashion NY progressive Republican. I got to witness his last moment of glory when Tom Delay called him in early 2000 looking for dad's endorsement of then-candidate GWB. Pops went off on a 10 minute tirade about what Bush & Co were doing to the party. 'Twas beautiful to behold.

My soulmate Francis (1955 - 2003): The most accepting, patient soul I've ever known. He never asked anything of anyone but that they be their own authentic self. He had his first dialysis the day before his 23rd birthday & never let rotten health stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do. As his doctor once said of him, "Francis often crawls out on the branch, but he never saws it off behind him."

Tasha (1976 - 1996): She crawled in my window one cold winter night & stayed for 20 years...
Akoochimoya, my indigenous ass.

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