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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I dunno. That depends more on the writers than the network, although if they really want to push the action thing, they could try to get it into the Toonami Adult Swim block. It would really depend on the content and whether CBS would be okay with the older skewing demographic of that block (and at most getting 2 million viewers at the 12:30AM slot).
That would be interesting if they made it part of Adult Swim. As far as I know, all of those shows have always been satires or parodies, but nothing really adult in terms of drama or sophistication.
Well, the Toonami block is more action/drama oriented than the regular AS lineup and most of the stuff it airs typically falls under the scifi/fantasy genres. That's mostly due to the fact that Toonami airs a lot of anime (and currently two Western cartoons that got cancelled).
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