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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Is it just me or does Merle and Daryl's relationship seem to give off more and more hints of maybe not abuse but at least a severe level of control?

When Daryl imagines Merle during season two, Merle is in rare domineering douchebag mode. Then last night Daryl tells Carl that he could only go outside and play with the neighborhood kids when Merle was not around.

I may not be remembering the exact wording correctly, but I could have sworn that Daryl alluded to his life being better when Meryl was in prison (season two on the road).

How did Michonne find the prison? It was not like Glenn and Maggie drove in on a dirt track.

I love how everyone looks all sweat stained and hardened and then there is that cute, fresh, pink-clad baby.
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