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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Interestingly there's a Guardian piece that says the opposite about sexism in Skyfall, I'm not sure the person who wrote it had actually seen the film...

As for Mr Coren's piece...

Well M being replaced by Mallory, women are replaced by men all the time in the workplace, just as men are replaced by women. Given Dench had obviously decided enough was enough should they have only replaced her with a woman? Wouldn't that have been...sexist?

I still feel Severine is using Bond as much as she's using him, remember this women left Bond to his fate in the casino. These men are going to kill you, if you survive why not come and find me!

Moneypenny he maybe has a point over, but even then his argument is a little weak. So Eve decides she isn't suited to work in the field, you could say the same about Q.

And as for Silva. Gay people can be evil, same as straight people can be evil, black, white, asian...guess what there's good and bad in all colours and creeds and sexuality. He's still not exactly my Wynt or My Kidd! Plus for all we know he's coming on to Bond merely to unsettle him.

The waste of good scotch line is a bit jarring, but I imagined Bond was keeping Silva's goons off guard, he did kick all their arses 5 seconds later...of course you could ask why he didn't do this before severine was shot
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