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Re: Children in Need 2012: Christmas Special prequel + trailer

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I also like the fact that the Doctor is finally going to have another companion from a different time period than our own. I like it when the Doctor has companions from the past or future, and not our own time. It makes it more interesting.
I can't relate to that at all. I always feel that people who support that idea are the same people who would have enjoyed an all-Klingon Star Trek series.
As opposed to the five star trek series we actually got that were full of people, none of whom (bar the odd non-regular character) were from our time? I'm guessing you don't watch any of the Star Wars films, or Battelstar Galactica or any number of sci-fi shows that featured entires casts not of our time.

And of course any historical film or tv is also out because you can't relate to the characters in them?
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