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Re: I'm issuing new orders...

Chief Medical Officer's log, supplemental:

Attempts to recover the skydivers who had their chutes, helmets, suits and the target area disappear in midair (even if only at the true height of 4.7 meters) at Holodeck 8 has been frustrated by the control computer panel locking up as the emergency response team tried to get around the privacy setting Ensigns Darring and Randy used to, well, ensure their privacy under the new regulations. Transporting of Ensign Darring out of the Holodeck was only, uh, partially successful due to the sub-par shuttlecraft transporters cutting in when shield rotation raised a temporary red flag for the main transporter system. While waiting for the possible arrival of my patients, I have plenty of time to formulate recommendations for new orders to be issued by my CO. When he sobers up.

Timo Saloniemi
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