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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Yeah that bugged me in season six. Gradually, the further we got from the opening arc, the more random things became. Episodes can still be enjoyed individually, but the season's structure is made wobbly by doing things like Who Mourns For Morn. It kind of continues into season seven too.
I think the problem is that if they focused too much on the war episodes (without some interesting twists or turns, character deaths or truly ballsy plots) those too would have become a bit... myah. Here's a list of what DS9 main characters got up to as the war was 'raging' all around them:

1. O'Brien and Bashir played darts and went galavanting around the holosuites.
2. The senior staff couldn't get enough off Vic Fontaine.
3. Sisko encourages his colleagues to take up baseball to beat his Vulcan adversary.
4. They pull of an imaginary heist to help an imaginary friend.
5. Quark undergoes a sex change.
6. Bashir dates a genetically engineered woman.

There's probably more fluff, but I'd reckon about 33 of the 52 episodes of seasons 6 and 7 combined were of the meaty sort; action-orientated, dark, and thoroughly non-fluffy. So that's a lot of light-hearted episodes in a time period where the Alpha Quadrant was undergoing the worst war in centuries.

Plus DS9 was virtually right next to the Cardassian border. Why didn't the Dominion carry out an offensive (even if it were a futile one) to retake lost territory and work out a way of safely going through the wormhole (freeing the Pah Wraiths for instance?).

There should have been at least a three-part story arc where the Dominion lays siege to DS9 and Bajor, and DS9 gets totally trashed in the process ala VOY 'Year of Hell' style (without the temporal reboot and all is well again). Plus a main character died to; say O'Brien or something. That would have been really awesome plot wise!
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