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Re: Dogfish Head's newest Ancient Ale: Etruscan Beer

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Here's a video: Link. It's oddly half in English, half in Italian, so sorry about that.
Don't be sorry. (Also, I loved how they explained the term piciu/picio, from my beloved Piedmont ).

Also, unknown to most, there is a small but strong beermaking tradition in Italy, but it usually gets buried under the huge (and excellent) production of wine. I'm not particularly fond of mass distribution beers (for example, Peroni and Nastro Azzurro) but there are a few local beers that are very good, like Birra Menabrea (again from Piedmont), and Ichnusa from Sardinia.

Anyway, it's a very interesting endeavour. I'd love to try some of those "ancient beers": I haven't seen them in Italy, but I'm going to have a look for them.
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