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Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now

CommanderRaytas wrote:
She Has No Time was especially awesome, because they stopped playing that one live a million years ago, and when Tom announced it, my head almost exploded. I remember him grinning down at me and my sister, and Jesse kept casting looks in our direction, because we were inside this cluster of mad fangirls worshipping Tom. Heh. Pity they only play Snowed Under in the UK, because I'm a big fan of their b-sides, as well.
Snowed Under is amazing. You know, I've loved "Somewhere Only We Know" for a couple of years but I only started listening to more of their songs until earlier this year. I just started listening to Strangeland, listened to it a bit in May/June and really liked it, then looked back for their earlier work. Awesome stuff. I didn't know they stopped playing "She Has No Time"... That's one of my favourites, so that's really good that they're doing it again! I think Hopes And Fears is one of the best albums out there actually... Like I say, I must see them live! As soon as the next set of tour dates are out I might just start planning.

I remember how Tom announced Hamburg Song, saying "I wish I could tell you that it reminds me of great times, but actually it was a pretty horrible time in my life", and he got a really dirty look from Tim. They don't really help the rumours, neither of them. Especially not Tom. He does it on purpose, of course, as a joke and nod to the internet...but on a more serious note, I think that his drug addiction days still embarrass him to no end, so he deserves a pat on the back for singing a song written about him by his best mate about how fucked up their relationship had got.
I had no idea about that either... wow. Good to know he's out of it now though.
Also, I am in love with your playlist. Great to meet a fellow fan here....
Thanks! And likewise.
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Sky Sailing - "Tennis Elbow".
Sky Sailing - "Sailboats"
Woo! I'll have to continue the trend and listen to "Captains Of The Sky" soon.

For now though, "Peace Sign" - Lights.
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