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Re: Question for authors: General 'rules' for tie-in media (any franch

Interesting thread here. To add my 2p, I'd say that Greg and Chris hit the marks regarding the "rules". At the end of the day, the tie-in writer must serve the source material over all other concerns - even if that source material contradicts itself, other tie-ins or goes on to contradict the work being written. Generally speaking, screen trumps paper.

Of course, a good writer will try to ensure that their tie-in work doesn't ride roughshod over other tie-in works in the same sphere (and if they do, the line editor should pull them up about it!), but that's often down to the writer to police those details.

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Why do Star Trek and Star Wars fans think that all media must tie into a single, consistent continuity?
Check out Doctor Who fandom; many of those guys have tied themselves in timey-wimey knots trying to create a coherent continuty from the many differing elements of that mythos...
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