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Re: CV confusion

^Which is where the cover letter comes in - you can say things like "I learned X at university, which is similar to Y required thing, so Y would be extremely easy for me to pick up inside of a few days."

Basically a CV is an advert. I always used to put that I was visually impaired to show that EVEN THOUGH I'm VI, I've done all this, managed all these accomplishments... but that's apparently a keyword that gets you immediately thrown out of most filters - companies will look for the tiniest mismatch so they can do it legitimately, of course (it's illegal in the UK to refuse an interview on grounds of disability unless that disability puts you/others at risk if you hold the job - companies are supposed to make "reasonable adaptations" to the working environment to allow an otherwise-capable disabled person to do the job they're paid for; unfortunately most companies see this as "pay through the nose just to employ a cripple".) (Can you tell I'm sore on that point?)
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