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Re: Celebrity paradoxes

It can go either way. A dedication plaque doesn't rotate through various images and ads, but OTOH most dedication plaques don't have a big alcove or shrine dedicated to them in a facility intended for recreation...

The fun thing is, the nuclear Enterprise CVN-65 is in practice more or less a "nuclearized" Ranger CV-61 anyway. That is, both ships use the same basic hull design and flight deck arrangement. Indeed, "65" is a number in the same running sequence as "61", and the real-world hop from "64" to "65" basically just entailed installing eight nuclear reactors where conventional boilers would otherwise have gone, and building a funny-looking cubical command tower or "island" bristling with (for the time) modern radar technology.

Apparently, in the Star Trek reality, only the reactors were installed, and the island remained of the Ranger type - until some later date when the cubical island was installed, so that Picard's and Archer's ships have artwork of this configuration.

Or then in both realities, CVN-65 was initially built with the cubical island, but only the Star Trek reality saw the refitting that was planned in our reality as well but was never performed - that of stripping away the now completely outdated radar system and reducing the silhouette of the island from cubical to conventional. And Archer and Picard thus enjoy artwork of the original configuration, yet Chekov visited the refitted ship...

Timo Saloniemi
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