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Re: Star Ship Polaris

So I started working on some design ideas for the engineering section, using an actual greenscreen background plate (or foreground plate in this case) from the production. This was my first concept, derived from the earlier cross-sectional sketch, with a heavy dose of Trek warp core/intermix shaft thrown in:

As it turns out, the Trek overtones were not what Dennis and the gang wanted to go with for this, which was fine. I'm nothing if not adaptable. This morning I sat down and started working on round two, blending in some elements from an unused Forbidden Planet set they had been using as a temporary backdrop, and generally trying to get away from the central warp core look. I took screen shots throughout the day and thought I'd go ahead and post the progress so far for your viewing enjoyment. This design hasn't been approved yet so it's likely some changes will be in order, perhaps even another concept entirely, but it's going to make a good addition to my portfolio either way.

And finally, here's a version that's been cropped to something more like they would actually use for this particular shot:

Please note that this had only progressed to the underpainting stage with nearly all of the original linework still visible. To fully complete this, I would do a further paintover, removing the linework entirely and polishing the entire piece extensively. I think this is about as far as I'm taking it at the moment, however, until I get some official feedback.
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