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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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That's true, although at times early on they were a lttle bit vague on fleshing that out. There were quite a few times when it was pretty obvious that a Goa'uld kept his "queen" out of the loop, and perhaps that would be a partial explanation.

We might be getting awfully close to some minor spoilers, though.

Teakcake, the spoiler are pretty minor, discussing minutae of what you mostly already know about Goa'uld reproduction, but the particulars of how the show introduced various tidbits are minor spoilers refering to seasons and episodes, knowledge of which could spoil a couple of pretty cool revelations, a bit like finding out that the Goa'uld were eating their offspring in "Summit."

But as minor compensation, I confidently assert that two Goa'uld system lords were entirely responsible for the form of music known as "disco", and rap comes from a collaboration of Nihrti feat. Imhotep.
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