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so we're lead to believe by Q.
I sometimes wonder about the extent of Q's powers, and their limits.

In 'Farpoint when Picard and company were placed on trial by Q, did he actually take them off the ship, or did it all happen in their minds? Put there by Q? When they "returned" to the battle bridge, O'Brien at the helm wasn't even aware that they had left the ship. So did they?

And if Q can put images and events into your mind, then his powers could be significantly less than they seem.

I'm not suggesting that Q is completely powerless, he can board a starship moving at warp, he can bring objects into existence (or take them from somewhere), he can move objects like asteroids, and moved the Enterprise light years to encounter the Borg.

But is he really omnipotent and omniscient? Or is it that most of what he does is a deception?

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