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Re: Star Trek Fan Reboots

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And George Takei, as wonderful a personality he is, isn't quite the lead actor that's required to carry a series. Perhaps as a fatherly, mentor-type who isn't the sole focus of the series, I could see. But as the man driving the action, I can't really see it. Never could. That's why I was never interested in a EXCELSIOR series.
I agree with this... to a point. I think if you paired him with a cast of actors that could hold their own, you could have a cool series. With "Flashback" and "World Enough and Time", Sulu wasn't really given a crew of memorable characters (on the Excelsior) to interact with. They where mostly just window dressing. You would have to develop a crew of interesting characters to make it work, which I think could be done. I also think it would be good to have Chekov as First Officer, simply because Walter and George have always worked well together. You wouldn't get the same sense of comraderie between Sulu and a new character, as you would with Sulu and Chekov.
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