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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

Still, I'm sure it's true that just eating a large meal is a greater component in the sensation of relaxation or sleepiness. For one thing, your energy's going into digestion, so there's less available for the rest of the body and mind.
Yeah, again, particularly with the complex carbs and other heavy foods your body has to deal with after a large Thanksgiving Day meal. Tryptophan levels in turkey is pretty low all and all.

A 20lb turkey has about 5 pounds of edible meat on it.

100 grams of turkey has .333.. g of tryptophan in it.

100 grams ~ .25lb

1 lb of turkey = 1.333 g rams of tryp.

1 lb of turkey then being about two pills worth of tryptophan.

So eating more than three times a serving of turkey gets you almost as much tryptophen as you'd get in a couple of pills. Which is a LOT to eat.
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