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Re: Babylon 5 Rewatch

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Makes me wonder what would have become of Crusade if Strazinski and Turner had been able to come to terms?

Your thoughts?
JMS has always said that the arc for Crusade wouldn't have been as complex as it was for B5 but I often wonder about that, given the number of threads started in just the episodes we got. There was the plague (obviously), Gideon's quest to find out the truth about the destruction of his ship (which we would have started to find out more about in the season ender), the continuation of intrigue within the telepath community (focused on in one of the unproduced scripts), Dureena's quest for power (possibly also covered in some of the assigned but unwritten episodes) and Eilerson's conflicts between his loyalties to IPX and the people on the Excalibur.

I would have loved to see what would have happened.

I too would've like to see how CRUSADE would've developed. In some ways, I thought the series was better made than B5, but that might mostly come from them figuring out how to refine the production.
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