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Re: Star Trek Fan Reboots

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Very interesting one - you know Marc Scott Zicree tried to get a 'Captain Sulu' webseries off the ground - Sulu leading a crew of new, young recruits:

At least we potentially have 'Star Trek: Renegades' filling the gap now
To be honest, Zicree's concept comes across as fan fiction with Spock's son and paint-by-number characters, many of whom are rather ho-hum and just retreads of races we've seen ad nauseum. However, it's interesting to see a thread to Zicree's latest effort, SPACE COMMAND, in the bible.

"World Enough and Time" withstanding, I'm not much a fan of Zicree's work. His work on TNG and DS9, while he may have originated the concepts for those episodes, wasn't really his own solo efforts and you can see the fingerprints of other writers in them. And the BABYLON 5 script he wrote on his own was so rife with cliche and bland dialogue. While I'm interested in seeing what comes of SPACE COMMAND, Zicree isn't the writer I'd want to see spearhead a STAR TREK series.

And George Takei, as wonderful a personality he is, isn't quite the lead actor that's required to carry a series. Perhaps as a fatherly, mentor-type who isn't the sole focus of the series, I could see. But as the man driving the action, I can't really see it. Never could. That's why I was never interested in a EXCELSIOR series.

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