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Re: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Movie Discussion

Exactly! I went because I had read the book - it was the only one of them I had read, and it turned out that I really enjoyed it. I expected it to follow the book (which it did for the most part), and I had no idea about any of the talk about the movie going into it. So, when the battle began and Carlisle bit it, I, along with a lot of others who obviously had read it, was totally shocked - and it wasn't just a quick sequence, the battle was prolonged. Sure, it plays out as one of Alice's visions, but it's not at all a vision that's without detail and unclear - it's extremely clear and marvelously detailed. I had seen the other movies, and really felt sorta "Meh" about them for the most part, but this served as a real payoff for me - not a "copout" at all; not be a longshot.
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