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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

The problem with the historical examples is there's usually a lot going on that drove the impetus to secession. The Irish problem goes back some seven hundred years - or, if one prefers a less ridiculously broad scope, the war that led to the creation of the Free State had something to do with the percieved failure of the more moderate Home Rule party's objectives (which for decades had been peacefully campaigning for the creation of a seperate Irish parliament) and the potential of the more radical Sinn Fein party to achieve the same ends... which all in turn can go back to Daniel O'Connell and Catholic Emancipation.

The current American secession craze is basically in response to four more years of a Democratic president. A situation that may be easily remedied if a Republican is elected after Obama leaves office - and given how narrow the last four elections have been, that's not actually impossible.

'I want to be nation because I don't get my way at while being a state', while an argument for a nation, it's just not a very compelling one. The Irish Home Rule party did not treat Home Rule as a fall back position in case they didn't get a majority in the British Parliament - it was their raison d'etre.
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