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Re: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Movie Discussion

Indeed, many book fans were very angry when it was leaked out the ending of the movie was changed from the book (where they just talk and the Volturi say, "Meh, whatever." and leave.) So this is almost, and I hate to go this far but here it is, like the "Death of Spock" thing. Where it got leaked so they had the "death scene" in the simulator in order to cover-up the true death at the end.

The makers of BD2 played the reverse of that card, essentially, playing on the potential leaks in order to hide their twist ending. (I believe Stephanie Myer was even "in on" the changed ending stunt they were pulling.)

I was very surprised by the ending and actually loved it, thought it was very well done. It served a good climatic battle that resulted in the death of characters that I actually liked (Carlisle, Jasper, pretty much anyone who isn't Bella or Edward) while also delivering the real ending of the book (which doesn't have all of those deaths) with a fun twist.

And I've never read the books so at first I was confused because the ending contrasted with what I thought the ending was from what I've read ABOUT the books, and somewhat cared about the character deaths then BAM I'm hit with that twist. It was really awesome.

I can't believe I just said that.

I'll come out and admit it, I'm a slight fan of these movies. They're not good movies by any stretch and they're FILLED with flaws but there's a level of enjoyment in there, I think. Especially with the third one and now this final one. (The previous one I can go either way on.)

This final movie I enjoyed. There were some good moments in it and becoming a vampire actually made Bella a slightly more interesting character as it allowed Stewart to unhinge herself a bit and show more emotion than "Dull... Line?" (But, I also think that's consistent with the book.)

Though I think the movie should have dealt more with Bella's transition to vampire-dom. (Though I suspect that got lost in padding out the first part of the book for last year's movie in order to make Bella's transition to vampire the cliff-hanger ending for the more interesting second part of the book.)

Bella seems to pretty easily learn to shrug off craving for human blood and taking on the "vegetarian" vampire lifestyle of the Cullens (who only consume blood from animals, a process they describe as being living off tofu, you can do it but it leaves you unsatisfied.)

Also the girl who plays the older version of Renessme in the future visions was hot. We should've gotten more of her too rather than glimpses of her we get in Jacob's visions in the previous movie and the "flash forward" we get in this movie.

I liked the "curtain call" of all of the previous actors from the movies over the end credits sequence. I did notice Anna Kendrick in the opening credits but she wasn't in this movie, was she?
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