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Re: is "Into Darkness" Quinto's last as Spock?

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^Thank you. So, my mistake. With a still shot, close-up, you can see it. But, this was at the very end of the film where the camera is on him for like a second, in an up-angle, and while he's kind of hunched. It's not like Pegg, where we got to see him walking about in his uniform and interacting with people in better lighting, but then he's Scotty... I'm just glad to know that they did give him an uniform. That makes me feel better about his future development.
Remember also that, when we first see Scotty, he's not in uniform, either (must be not a uniform-dress kind of Starfleet facility, or something.) He does get one after his trip through the Turbine Room tubes and Spock's beatdown of Kirk on the bridge, but Keenser (along with oldSpock) presumably doesn't get off the Delta Vega outpost until some time after Earth is saved, Pike rescued and Nero defeated, so we don't see him in uniform until Enterprise is repaired and heading back out under Kirk's command.
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