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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

The battle scenes were really cool right up until Grievous sent his boarding parties, and then it became a mess of silly contrivances. Why did they leave the hangar bay wide open in the middle of a battle and when they had advanced warning that boarding parties were approaching? Why did Obi-Wan give up the ship so easily? He seemed to give it one good attack and then folded. Why did Obi-Wan give Grievous a warning that the ship was about to self-destruct? How many people have died as a result of Obi-Wan's misplaced sense of honor and fair play? That was just bad writing, as they already had Grievous in the control room and he could have just seen a ship's status update saying they were on a build-up to self-destruct without Obi-Wan giving a war criminal a heads-up to escape the ship.

I like the Youngling's story and the characters, but it's been stretched out much longer than it should have been. Plus, I find it rather dubious that a ship of Younglings would have only a Padawan as the most senior Jedi aboard, especially with the frequency of pirate and Separatist attacks on Republic shipping. Hondo is a good and occasionally humorous villain/neutral party/sometimes ally (who should really stop being forgiven by Obi-Wan and Anakin) in small doses, but he's been overused this season. I agree with others that the Wookiee's lightsaber was a cool design, and I liked the bit with the Younglings pretending to be acrobats to distract Hondo from their plan.
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