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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

Loved "Good Eats", though I think it lost steam once Alton went on a health-craze, got really thin and gaunt looking and the last season or so of episodes sort of reflected that. But I still really like him and him and the Mythbusters tonight should prove fun.


I want that Whack-a-Mythbuster game!

Overall a very enjoyable episode, I've no major complaints in everything that happened, though the "fastest way to pop popcorn" mini-myth seemed an odd one. I mean it already takes just a few minutes to pop popcorn, how much faster does it need to be?! Though I would have liked to see them test that contraption again under better controlled conditions, getting it hot faster and maybe a mechanical system for turning the device at a faster or more consistent rate.

The turkey/tryptophan myth I knew already. It's already pretty well documented and said in plenty of places that tryptopahn levels in turkey is pretty low (it's high, in fact in many other common foods) and that it's the levels of food we eat at Thanksgiving dinner that causes sleepiness. Particularly since many of the foods we eat are heavy in starches and carbs (like potatoes, rolls, stuffing, etc.) Still neat to see them test it.

The "tastes like chicken" one was also an interesting one to see tested. I never bought 100% into it but the "idea" of it was always sound. White meat just being fairly bland so all white meats "taste the same" was the idea and chicken is the most common white meat. Seeing that variety they ate was interesting and the final test in eliminating seasonings, texture and consistent was probably the best route to go. Eliminated variables.

The myth with Alton, Jamie and Adam was great to see and classic Alton Brown it was almost the perfect Mythbuster-meets-Good Eats type route to go. On the gravy I'm suspect Alton for-saw the gravy getting thicker the longer it took them to get to their destination. He's recommended on his own show to make the gravy thinner at the stove than you want it at the table because it'll thicken as it cools (starches or something like that.) So I suspect he over-compensated by making the gravy TOO thin for their long drive and it couldn't thicken up as the starch in it cooled.

Using the various cavities and components of the car was a smart way too cook the various dishes as well as the insulated "warming area" on the cowling by the firewall.

And thanks to Alton I've brined my family's turkey every year and it does, indeed, come out tasty and delicious. Particularly insuring you keep the white-meat close to 160-170, and the dark meat closer to 180. I think cooking it by the engine while it cooked the turkey it "suffered" some by not getting the browning from cooking a turkey in an intensely hot oven at first. (Again, as recommended by Alton Brown's turkey recipe.)

Good episode.

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