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Re: Question for authors: General 'rules' for tie-in media (any franch

DigificWriter wrote: View Post
I'd like Christopher, Greg, and other authors' opinions on how best to respond to the following post without offending anyone:
So if anyone was going to get a heads-up about anything, it would be the authors IMHO. Rather reminiscent of the Karen Traviss situation re. TCW.
I was thinking the same thing. If anything is thrown out we are definitely gonna lose authors just like with her. And considering all the money that people are still putting into these books I see no reason (monetarily, mind you) that Lucasfilm would call for anything to be rendered non-canon. Lucasfilm doesn't care if a movie makes sense or not it's all about that green paper. And about different planes of existence, Star Wars isn't Star Trek.
To be honest, I always thought the Traviss situation was dumb. Not that The Clone Wars contradicted what she had written about the Mandalorians -- having your work contradicted by an active or future production is part of the territory when when you write a tie-in, and you know that going in -- but her reaction to it. She was paid for her books, she had fans who bought her books, she had an audience online -- and she pulled an Eric Cartmann and said, "Screw you guys, I'm going home." It seemed excessively petty on her part, and not being any sort of active Star Wars fan I'm sure there are nuances and backstory that I'm completely missing.

To answer your question, the short answer is that, no, Lucasfilm doesn't care about the fans who love the novels or the authors who wrote them. Both groups are infinitesimally small in comparison to the number of butts Disney wants in the seats for Episode VII. Fans will grouse, but they'll still see the film and buy the books. Authors may be annoyed their work was ignored, but even if authors refuse to write more Star Wars novels there are other authors who gladly will.
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