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Re: In Memory Of...

I've heard you talk of him before, and it's obvious he was a great guy. I've been lucky enough that I've only lost pets and people whose time had come like my grandfather and great-grandmother.

I think it's only natural that you question your mortality. It's healthy to do so once in a while. I know I certainly dig when my grandfather died.

I've sadly only got one pic on my computer of my grandfather Lennart:

This is pretty old, this is like 1990 or something. That's my sister Monica in his arms, she's about to be married soon.

My grandfather was not a perfect man by any means, but he was filled with such joy most his life. He loved life and his family. And I miss him dearly.

And then, it may seem silly, but there's my dog Keiran. He's been gone over three years, but I still miss him a lot:

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